How To Make a Leather Top Hat

How To Make a Leather Top Hat

How To Make a Leather Top Hat

Patent-protected leather braiding process gives your hat a luxurious texture, style, and richness.

Only made in America, the Leather Hat Collection™ company, Leather Top Hat are one of a kind. Everything about these hats is crafted in a way that has proven to be the key to their success.

There’s more attention on making hats now than ever before, and it requires a lot of detailed thinking and testing whether you want your hat to stand out or not.

Leather Hat Collection offers leather hats for men crafting expert advice as well as custom designs -from corporate sourcing downward to individual fitting – so you can create your perfect, one of a kind hat.

Step 1

You shouldn’t start with the cheapest materials if you want to end up with a top quality product. So start the project with your best option – leather .

Leather is known for its looks, ability to hold its shape and durability. Also, it’s an easy material that you can use with a good skill set. It’s evident that choosing this type of material is an investment but one will surely pay off in the end.

If you want to impress your clients or friends then a leather hats is just what it takes! Make sure to employ your creativity in the deconstruction process of this material and see what happens next!

Step 2

Cut out your hat parts from the hide. All of our hat parts are cut out using pre-shaped dies that make up the three basic parts of the leather hat. The brim, the crown, and the top!  At this phase of production, we cut out two of those shapes, the brim, and the crown. We’ll get to the top of the hat here in a bit! For this specific tutorial, we are gonna be making one of our iconic leather outback hat, so the brim will be wider than some of our other hats.

Step 3

Next, we start building the basic crown shape. The crown we punched out is one solid piece of leather, but it needs to be formed into a shape that will fit around someone head. To do this we fold the crown into a circle and stitch it from the inside out. All of our leather hats for men are built inside out and then flipped so all of the stitching is protected on the inside of the hat. Once this crown is all sewn up, we need to top it off.

Step 4

Finish the brim, and top of the hat. To get the top of the hat, we take the brim and punch out a hole in the middle, meaning that the leather piece we create is a perfect match to be the top of the hat. We then take this piece and sew it onto the crown. Before moving on to the next phase, we sew on the tags and Velcro buttons that hold our replaceable sweat liners in place!

Step 5

Finishing touches. At this stage, the hat is flipped right side out, and the brim is sewn on. Finally, this top grain leather hat has the sweat liners added, and is conditioned and shaped before going to our shipping department so it can be shipped.

Step 6

Wear it somewhere fitting! Congrats! You’re the newest addition to the Leather hat collection, Time to hit the trail and show off your new Leather hats!

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